Simple tool to share links directly and privately

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What's this all about?


Surfing the web we often face the desire to share interesting stuff with our friends.

Or on the contrary feel boring because we have nothing interesting to read. With Stacks you can easily send or receive interesting stuff from somebody who really knows your interests.


Stacks is designed for simple link exchange, it helps to make our life nice and easy.

We do our best to make Stacks easy to use and user-friendly. Just click the button and choose the addressee and the link is available for your friend.
How to start?
1. Install browser plugin
Install Stacks extension from Chrome Web store or Mozilla Add-ons page.
2. Sign up in two clicks
Sign up with your google, facebook or account.
3. Add your friends
Add your friends to Stacks to share interesting stuff.
get chrome extension
Browser extensions
Mobile apps   coming soon 
Our goal is to make simple usefull service accessable everywhere everytime. We are doing our best to make Stacks crossplatform but it takes some time.